What people say...

Carol Cowe, Logo Design
"Rebecca was a real inspiration.  One of her strengths was being able to see our business from the outside - but at the same time understanding the service we provide and the problems we might encounter.   We thoroughly enjoyed our 'agenda-free' sessions and it was refreshing to discover how companies in allied industries might manage the same sort of situations we encounter.  

Ross Cleaver, Revolting Ltd
"Rebecca is a great listener and has the skill finding solutions where you have only previously seen problems. She is an excellent fresh pair of eyes who helps you see a variety of routes forward that may have always been there but you have previously been blind to see.

Andrew Sims, Business Development Director at Swindon Commercial Services Ltd
"Rebecca has very quickly made a real difference to our sales strategies. What is so refreshing about working with Rebecca is that she will take positive action as well as provide great advice and with consultants that proactive approach is all too rare. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking a consultant who genuinely adds value.

Mike Donovan, Former Head of Strategic School Planning, Children, Young People & Families
Birmingham City Council (now an independent consultant within the wider education sector)
"Rebecca worked with the Education and Skills Division of Birmingham City Council for two years as a business development consultant. Her task was to work with key senior staff within Birmingham’s City Learning Centre (CLC) team (originally set up to work with schools to develop e-learning) in order for them to move from a fully funded operation to a fully traded one.She was awarded the work following a selection process that required her to demonstrate: understanding, empathy, analysis, synthesis, acumen and delivery. Once in post Rebecca never failed to meet expectations; she listened attentively, considered carefully and challenged subtly. Explaining principles of: business, planning, marketing, operations, staffing and risk and change management.  This was done in a clear and unpatronizing way that, over time, enabled staff to be completely comfortable with and excited by the opportunities to be seized and the concomitant methodologies and practices to be developed and delivered.
Rebecca is a consummate professional; with a complete grasp of her field and a manner that encourages and enthuses without ever understating the hard work, drive, clarity and precise processes needed to turn a good idea into a successful business.With her initial development work and ongoing advice, support and direction the CLC service is now trading effectively with schools, other education providers and a range of public and private sector organisations.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Frances Gard, Team Member and photographer at Independents for Bristol (IfB)
"I would like to have Rebecca on any project that I am involved with. She grasps a project or a problem straight away and is immediately making fabulous suggestions to help the project. It's great to feel that 'someone gets it' and that it's not me my own with my current challenge or new idea. She is sharper than a sharp thing! No messing, very professional, very personable and courteous. A perfect mixture of practical commonsense and inspiring ideas. Everyone I know who meets her wants her on their project!