Working with rejoove is rather different. It’s not a case of handing out traditional, pre-packaged applications but a thorough understanding of what is required through discussion and preparation. 

We then initiate action...

rejoove uses bespoke ‘capsules’ to act as a catalyst to help your business move forward.

They are objective, useful and can be utilised for further development. We work with a number of alliance partners to bring even more specialist expertise to a proposal – covering all your needs within a strategic plan.

Some of the ‘capsules’ we can offer:
• Portfolio analysis: sector and project/expertise
• Bid management workshops
• Marketing audits
• Development of new contacts and networks within planned portfolios
• Skills matrix analysis
• Presentation skills training
• Key Account Management: review and analysis
• Complete start-up business development services
• Associated ‘refresh’ of brand, surroundings and approach
• ‘Business Development in action’ seminars
• ‘What Clients Want’: awareness and review

These are only a selection... contact Rebecca on 07967 980787 for more details.